About Us: Needles House Egypt was established on 1997 based on previous experience in the textile fields .we are an Egyptian company works as an importer for the whole field of knitting weaving machines & all accessories related to this field. During this time, we won good reputation with the customers whom trusted in our name. Needles House Egypt represents a lot of big and respectable companies in textile industry, knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing machines. Needles House has strong primary market attempts to get a good chance in export, which is the main motivate for many businessmen to improve their factories. We have our branch in the most important zones for textile industry in Egypt acting with young salesmen group doing their best to gain customers trust. Our mission is to assist manufacturers in our country and assist the pioneer industrial companies. Little things often play a large role this also true in Needles House Egypt concept, because we give our complete attention to the little things.